What are the Benefits of Breakfast? Recipes for those who don't like to eat in the morning

Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

Breakfast has many benefits. Some critics of breakfast argue that skipping breakfast calories leads to weight loss. While delaying breakfast can help some people manage their weight, for others, eating breakfast may actually help promote weight loss. Eating breakfast in the morning can also help control blood sugars and fill in the nutrients needed daily.

Breakfast May Help with Weight Loss

Skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain.

According to numerous research studies, skipping breakfast is associated high BMI and obesity. One reason is that oftentimes when people skip breakfast, they are so hungry by lunch, they tend to overeat.

Data from the Sister Study of over 47,000 women showed that consistency was the key. Those who ate breakfast irregularly 3-4 times a week were 11%-17% more likely to be obese compared to women who never ate breakfast or ate it every day of the week. If you don’t eat breakfast and need a change, evidence suggests that eating breakfast seven days a week is better than occasionally.

Here's a recipe for a high protein breakfast: Walnut Waffle Parfait.

Breakfast Can Help Control Blood Sugars

Skipping breakfast can cause spikes in blood sugar when we finally eat

Skipping breakfast and eating a lot at lunch may not only lead to weight gain, it can also lead to spikes in blood sugar. When hungry, blood sugar is low. In fact, blood sugar is generally lowest in the morning after waking up.