Breakfast Smoothies

The benefits of eating breakfast in the morning include potential weight management, blood sugar control for the day, and filling in recommended daily nutrients that can't be obtained in just two meals.

For those who want to incorporate breakfast into their daily routine, but don't feel hungry in the morning, instead of eating breakfast, drink it! Below are two breakfast smoothie recipes packed with the nutrients needed to provide energy, manage blood sugars, and maintain a strong immune system.

After reading my smoothie ideas, I'd love to hear yours. Please leave a comment with smoothie combos you love or would like to try!

The first nutrient-packed smoothie is:

Citrus Spinach Hemp Smoothie

Spinach, hemp seeds & OJ  provide protein, iron, and calcium.

This first smoothie combines spinach, hemp seeds, and orange juice. Between the spinach and hemp seeds, they provide plant-based protein and iron, which is great for vegetarians and vegans.

However, humans don’t absorb iron well from plant sources, but vitamin C helps. One cup of OJ provides the daily recommended needs of vitamin C, as well as one third of the daily calcium recommendation (if fortified) and 2 grams of protein.

Other fruits I would consider adding to this combo are:

  • Apples - They have a natural “pick me up” property stronger than a cup of coffee! They also contribute calcium, vitamin A, and fiber.

  • Cucumbers- The water content in cucumbers also has a "wake-up" effect, but cukes are surprisingly packed with calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin A, as well.

  • Blueberries- Their blue color comes f