Editing for Health Care Pros & Students

RDNs, healthcare professionals, and dietetic students are often so busy, it's easy to let the technical rules of grammar slip in writing projects. Our healthcare workers should be able to focus on their clients, business, or research rather than perfecting the written word.


However, spelling, grammar, and accuracy do count!












Even with the time to give attention to detail, it's vital to have a second pair of eyes review your work to ensure professionalism, accuracy, and consistency to prevent financial and credibility losses. 

ZEST offers proofreading and editing services for those in the healthcare industry who are: 

  • writing a book 

  • running an ad 

  • writing blogs 

  • recording research

  • or producing any other documents 



Whether it's half a page or 500 pages, editing by ZEST is done at:

  • Typos have cost businesses millions of dollars. 

  • Comma omissions have led to contract disputes and company losses in court. 

  • Unedited ads and websites have cost business owners sales. 

  • Inconsistencies in grant applications have resulted in lost awards.

  • Academic papers turned in without proofreading have led to lower grades. 







Proofreading is $25/hour (usually 8 pages/hour), with a minimum $25 charge. No quote needed. Submissions 5 pages & under are usually completed within 24 hours. Simply                                    


or request an alternative submission method at ZESTNutritionService@gmail.com


Payment options include: check, PayPal, credit/debit (incurs a 4% fee). Invoices will be emailed.


Customized levels of service are available depending on your needs (see chart below for general services offered).

Editing services usually range from $28-$45/hour, charged by the half hour, with a $28 minimum. Payment options include: check, PayPal, credit/debit (incurs a 4% fee).


Request a quote using the form below or email us at ZESTNutritionService@gmail.com. We respond within 48 hours.


Colleen was so helpful during our writing process. She was very communicative and patient with us, and returned her edits in a timely manner. She was crucial in stages of our content development when we felt stuck and needed to talk some things out, we have used her for 3 projects to date, and are looking forward to using her services again.

-Klara K., RDN, LDN, CLT
Chief Operating Officer

Colleen is the owner of ZEST and an RDN with extensive experience and education in writing, editing, and proofreading for corporate, academia, non-profits, and the health care community. Read more about her writing accomplishments In The Media.

Serving Greater Santa Cruz on-site and CO, NJ, AZ, CA, MI, & VA on-line

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