What's the Dill? The many health benefits of the little green herb.

Dill, a member of the carrot family1,is a functional food because it has health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Dill is a green herb with a mild flavor some relate to pickle, parsley, and even licorice. It makes a great topping for tzatziki sauce, potatoes, carrots, or any mayo-based salad.


What makes dill so healthy?


Dill is an anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant.2 This means dill is powerful at fighting infections. It has also been shown to:


  • improve metabolism of fats

  • help you extract energy from food

  • aid in digestion

  • lower cholesterol

  • help with depression

  • reduce menstrual cramps2


It can even act as a bug repellent!2


Try some dill on your next meal for an easy health boost.



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2 Axe, J. (2016). 8 surprising dill weed benefits. Dr. Axe: Food is medicine. Retrieved Feb. 22, 2017 from https://draxe.com/dill-weed/

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